Fleet Management Solutions & Vehicle Tracking Systems

Advance Telematics Solutions offers a combination of excellent technical expertise and user-friendly solutions in Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

Protect and manage your assets with our latest fleet management solutions!

Delivering the highest quality of  Fleet Management and Tracking Solutions to meet the client’s needs and even exceed expectations.

Driver Assistant Solutions

Introducing a revolutionary Advance Driver Assistant Solutions (ADAS).

Fleet Management & Tracking Solutions

A technology that helps companies achieve the lower the risk while improving productivity and efficiency.

School Bus Solutions

An intelligent system that allows the movement and location of school students to be monitored during transportation.

Vehicle Mobile DVR

Helps fleet owners monitor their assets around the clock through the intelligent cameras.

Speed Limiter

Electronically control the top speed of vehicles, either to comply with government legislation or the vehicle owner’s requirements.

Key Benefits

With the ATS fleet management solutions, Customers can have the following benefits

Increases employee productivity

The system is accessible via any Internet-connected computer enabling real-time monitoring of mobile assets.

reduces overtime

Our system provides start and stop reports and track when a vehicle arrives and leaves from a job site, an office, etc.

increases safety

Monitor vehicles’ speeds. Users will also be alerted when a vehicle exceeds a customizable speed limit threshold.

Decreases fuel costs

Routes are optimized, reducing miles driven. Gas receipts can be confirmed to a vehicle’s position report. It also provides mileage reports.

increases customer satisfaction

Achieve more accurate service billing and appointment promptness and improve delivery times.

reduces maintenance costs

Users can manage vehicle maintenance schedules with the maintenance application

Sold GPS devices
Happy clients

Be up-to-date and track your assets with your smartphones!

You can track your units not only from a full-sized desktop computer but also from a smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices.

The interface is adapted for such cases. Moreover, a special mobile application for Android and iOS is available as well as two previously developed web applications.

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