School Bus Solutions

Advanced Telematics Solutions assures the safety of children and students riding their school bus to and from their schools. As a major concern of parents, and focus transport authorities in the region, ATS answers the need for safer transportation of school buses through our solution Advanced School Bus Solution. This solution offers an intelligent system on monitoring of the movements and locations of the bus to ensure the safety of the students.

Advanced Features:

  • Live bus tracking on a digital map.
  • Stop point monitoring.
  • Graphical dashboard and reports analysis.
  • Bus route optimization.
  • Diver management and evaluation.
  • Student identification and monitoring by RFID.
  • Incident notifications and alerts.
  • SMS and monitoring facilities for parents.
  • Bus maintenance.
  • Mobile DVR/CCTV camera.

Benefits for the Parents:

  • SMS notification.
  • Student arriving.
  • Student leaving.
  • Student attendance checking.
  • Smart application access.
  • Web portal access.

Benefits for the School:

  • All the features received by the parents.
  • Bus routes and stops monitoring.
  • Student’s check-in and check-out alerts.
  • Driver behavior monitoring.
  • Activities of the students in the bus monitoring.
  • Bus scheduling and monitoring.

Benefits for the Fleet Managers:

  • All the features received by the parents and the school
  • Cost reduction through: Fleet utilization optimization, Idling control, Over speed control, Total loss vehicle reduction, and Scheduled services.
  • Driving habit monitoring.
  • After office hours of driving monitoring.
  • Management of the maintenance history of the vehicle.