Vehicle Mobile DVR

Advanced Telematics Solutions offers help in monitoring fleets around the clock and ensure that any movement inside and outside of the vehicle is being observed through our Advanced Vehicle Mobile DVR. Through this solution, we install intelligent cameras and Wi-Fi system in the vehicle to ensure safety monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Remote Viewing and location tracking, displaying vehicle status and device information. real-time Tracking—Mobile DVR can upload data to the data center/server to secure remote viewing, Real-time
  • Auto Event Push—When the Mobile DVR receives the signals from the vehicle sensor or GPS, it will push these data to the server immediately which enables the back office to quickly check what has happened. officer
  • Auto Uploading and Advanced Wi-Fi Solution—The video footage triggered by a specific event, alarm or requested by the client is automatically uploaded to the server via Wi-Fi or 3G (if available).