Advance Driver Assistant Solutions (ADAS)

Advance Driver Assistant Solutions (ADAS)

Advanced Telematics Solutions provides the most efficient and effective on-road technology to help avoid collisions though our solution—Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Forward Collision Warning—judging from the relative time of the collision, the system warns the driver when the host vehicle is running too close to the vehicle ahead to give them ample time to take measure is securing safety.

Pedestrian Collision Warning—an alert from the system will notify the driven when there’s an imminent collision if cyclists, motorcycle drivers, and pedestrians enter the danger zone.

Lane Departure Warning—the system will alert the driver if they veer off from their current lane without turning on the cornering lamp.

Dual Camera and Warning Display—ADAS adopts the dual camera design—one for forwarding collision avoidance and another for driver’s fatigue monitoring. Both warning displays can be connected with a 3rd party display system or the vehicle’s original display by the RCA video output. Based on artificial vision technology, this solution enhances fleet safety and provides a totally different driving experience.

The driver-facing camera includes the following features:

  • Driver’s eyes closed warning
  • Driver’s yawn warning
  • Driver’s inattention warning
  • Driver smoking warning
  • A driver using phone/gadget warning
  • Driver’s absence warning

The Advanced Driver Assistance System will enhance your fleet, improve your driving behavior and ensure your safety on the road.