Choosing your Telematics Provider

Choosing your Telematics Provider

Telematics solutions have become an important aspect of fleet management which is used for optimization, efficiency, and safety or protection. With that said, one must be critical in choosing the right telematics provider before investing your money to it. As you consider the offerings of many companies, keep your mind about the specifics of the solutions they provide.

Telematics improves your GPS by helping the driver see where they are and how fast they are moving in real-time. If needed, you can also check on the driver and ask if they are sticking on their route and time schedule.

Telematics goes over the solutions of vehicle tracking. It varies for different transportation purposes. Some businesses have trackers and some receives and send data and information of their transactions through various solutions.

Telematics helps you optimize your fleet and become more efficient and productive. According to a study by Aberdeen, GPS tracking will help you increase your on-schedule arrival rate by 46% and optimize and decrease your costs by 13.2%

Basically, vehicle tracking solutions such as GPS helps the driver to show up on time consistently. This gives you an advantage among your competitors since they will know that you are always on time and they would not have any other reason to choose other business over yours.

The Optimization Combination

In a business using transportation, tracking your vehicles and drivers is not enough to improve your productivity. Every route your vehicle navigates must be the most convenient and efficient route possible.

There are vehicle solutions which allows the drivers to find the best route to reach their destination. Routing program allows you do that with software which guarantees your routes are accurate and that the driver will arrive on time.

What else should your Telematics vendor provide?

Other features your telematics provider should offer:

  • Analytics: GPS tracking system can be used to gather information which one can use to utilize more efficient business decisions
  • Access Restriction: Through this vehicle solution, you can secure and identify routes which your driver and vehicle would take
  • Onboarding: This means that the telematics provider you choose will orient and brief you and your driver about the usage of the systems they offer
  • Free Trial: Free trials gives you’re the chance to experience a certain product of solution before purchasing it. It is important to ask if you’re telematics provider to give you free trial to test the product or services they are selling.