To relieve you from the timely administrative work and effort-consuming activities of delivery and transportation, Advanced Telematics Solutions introduces the Logistics app. Optimize an end-to-end transaction between the dispatcher and the mobile driver to control all stages of delivery and field services and operations. Ensure quality and cost-efficient transportation and delivery service by utilizing our user-friendly application.

The app will help you manage your orders through our process: add order, distribute order, monitor delivery, and generate reports. The app also features a maximum precise order description, option to attach and view files, and sort and filter by the core the core fields (name and cost, address, time interval, radius, client information, characteristics and product description, and unloading time).

There is also a web-based version of Logistics which includes effective operating procedures management: order placement, planning and distribution, Google Maps-based routing, delivery process monitoring, and coordination.

Other features include:

  • Import options
  • Route planning
  • Route control

Key Benefits:

  • Effective communication “dispatcher-driver-client”;
  • Precise order information to avoid misdirected orders;
  • Preliminary analysis of key performance indicators;
  • Option to view files attached to the order anytime and anyplace;
  • Import capabilities for the companies utilizing third-party accounting systems for order list generation;
  • Time and cost-saving due to relevant fleet allocation between delivery areas bound to warehouses;
  • Default characteristics for new orders;
  • Automatic order distribution based on relevant criteria;
  • Option to adjust the preliminary route;
  • Time-saving for the office and the field due to automatic route sheet creation;
  • Comprehensive analysis of mobile employee performance characteristics based on order reports;

The application is designed for delivery personnel, and mobile drivers to ensure optimized communication and transactions. On the other hand, clients and customers may utilize the web version of Logistics and start their transactions.